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"After many years of Personal Training, I have finally realised that the best way to get clients the weight loss results they want isn't through hours of gruelling Personal Training sessions. Instead its about accountability."


Liam Phillips Co Founder of Primal Fitness Hub

Here's what we offer...

Online Weight Loss Coaching

-Together we come up with an ideal weight and a time frame

-Based on this we set caloric intake goals and monitor this through an app

-We come up with attainable activity goals such as increasing steps, attending classes or home workouts

-Every day you send me your food diary, steps and exercise 

-You get constant feedback and adjustments to help keep you on track

-After years of working with clients of all shapes and sizes you can rest assured I have seen it all. There will be no judgement, no criticism. I understand how easy it is to lose track, and I am here to help.

Average Weekly Weight-loss =
1.7kg (3.7lbs) 

What Others Are Saying...

"I’ve been able to adopt changes in my lifestyle (which I didn’t think were possible with a desk job) that have meant I’m moving more and feeling both fitter and stronger. By monitoring my calorie intake, and taking on board feedback from Liam, I learnt to assess the type of food my body needs. I was still able to enjoy the foods I love, but now appreciate the importance of portion control and variety."

"The online weightloss coaching is exactly what I needed. Liam is so knowledgable and motivational. Three weeks in and down 9 lbs already!! Thank you xx"

I started the online weight-loss coaching with Liam after gaining over a stone during lock down, and picking up some unhealthy habits. I attended the Yoga classes with Emma regularly before the gym temporarily closed, and knew that they could help me get back to my ideal weight and fitness level. Liam is so supportive and encouraging, but he is also focussed knowledgeable and consistent. Which means I have someone to be accountable, daily and he gives feedback about my daily excursive and calorie intake. 


So far I've lost 10lb, which is amazing, but more importantly I’ve developed some healthy daily habits and feel good about myself. I've more work to do in classes, but have the confidence I can reach my fit at 40 goal with their help! 

The Online Coaching Is Available for £25 per week. To ensure this programme is right for you I am offering a two week trial for £35. Click Below To Buy It.....(link will take you to our membership software application. This is a one time payment and you will not be billed again!!)

If you have any other questions I will be happy to help. Email us direct via the link below....