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Personal Training

Personal Training is the most efficient way to improve your fitness.


Having someone there to support you, encourage you and provide expert guidance will sky rocket your fitness.


Whether you are new to fitness and looking for someone to help you get started or an elite athlete looking for that extra edge... we will help you. 

No more guess work. Just results. 

What we offer


£40 p/h


£55 p/h

All sessions take place at our fully kitted 5,000 sqft facility 7 minutes away from Monmouth and 10 Minutes away from Ross.


Home visits are available on request. Fuel charges may apply. 

what others are saying...


"Had a fantastic session with Liam tonight at the new Primal Fitness Hub. It is amazing to go to sessions with such knowledgeable, dedicated and caring personal trainers. Each session at Primal Fitness Hub I am encouraged to push myself to my limits and most importantly, have fun!"


"Really enjoyable training sessions that pushed me beyond where I normally would be able to go, really noticeable improvement in my fitness as a result. Would definitely recommend!"


"First PT session with Liam who couldn't prepare as he didn't know us. However both my husband and I have come away worked, educated and v motivated. Couldn't have asked for a better intro ... plus it really feels like you've fixed my dodgy knee!! Thank you so much"

get in touch

To discuss starting personal training with us...

Ring or text: 07903687887
Email: liam@primalfitnesshub.co.uk