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Primal Human Adventure

The adventure of life

What if every day could be the best day of your life? What if every day you were free to do whatever you wanted? This sounds like a dream, an unreal situation, something many would deem impossible. This is the life I am living, and this is the life that every single one of you can live as well.

We at Primal Human Needs feel like the average person is lacking the element of adventure in their lives. The only adventure most people see in a day is the adventurous journey to the tube station on their commute to work or that awesome video they saw on YouTube. Life for most has become dull and repetitive spent living for the weekend where you drink your fill and spend time watching television. To this we say NO. Life can be better than this. It is time to adventure.

Our “find your own adventure” section is full of great, affordable adventures perfect for an evening or a weekend trip. If you are feeling super adventurous and want to go out on your own adventure we have all the adventure gear and equipment you will need in our “adventure essentials” section. If you feel like you need a little inspiration check out the “our adventure section” to see the incredible and affordable trips we have been on.

We at Primal Human Needs get a lot of our thrills and adventure from skating. For us skating feels like the ultimate expression of freedom. We have developed a few boards which we believe are perfect for an all-round skating experience. Find your perfect board to carve up the tarmac in our “Primal Human Skate” section.

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