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Can an online Personal Trainer really work for me?

First of all lets take a look at what a regular Personal Trainer will offer. A regular Personal Trainer will organise an initial consultation with you, define your fitness goals (be it to get fitter, to lose weight or to gain muscle and strength), get to know you and your lifestyle and then design an optimal programme for you to reach your fitness goals. You will then begin training. The trainer will be with you every training session, offering motivation and help with technique. This is undoubtedly the most effective way of reaching your fitness goals. But at the cost of up to £40 per hour and 2-3 sessions a week, the cost of a trainer can soon add up.

Many online personal training programmes will provide the client with a generic programme to follow. You may often never speak to your trainer and in many cases your trainer may in fact be a computer! In these cases clients are often a lot less motivated than with a regular personal trainer as there is no trainer-client relationship. We at primal human needs understand the issues with online personal training programmes and have therefore done things differently.

Much like having a regular personal trainer, you will have a consultation with a trainer, this can be in person (if you live nearby), over the phone or through video call. The trainer will then design a programme around YOU, YOUR lifestyle and YOUR fitness goals. It is therefore a totally individual tailor made programme unlike many alternatives. During the length of your programme your trainer will be contactable during working hours through email, phone or video call ensuring that any questions are answered. We will also ensure that you remain on track by getting in touch regularly throughout the programme. This will mean that although you will be training on your own, you will still feel supported throughout the process.

We offer all of this at the price of just £60 for a twelve-week programme (just £5 a week). We currently only have 100 slots available due to the number of trainers we have and the amount of time we like to put into each client. So visit our SHOP section to find out more and to buy.

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