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Functional Fitness

We all have an ideal body that we want to achieve. Maybe you want to lose weight, maybe you want bigger arms… the list is endless. But what we should all be considering is whether your fitness goals are for vanity so that people think you look good or functionality so that you can be a better human being. Being super skinny or being super jacked isn’t actually that functional, it doesn’t make you a better human being. Why not consider getting faster, stronger and fitter now that makes you better.

We at Primal Human Needs pride ourselves on functional fitness. It is functional fitness that will get you away from danger and it is functional fitness that will allow you to experience life to the full. Our hunter gatherer ancestors didn’t smash out sets and sets of bicep curls yet their physicality far outweighs that of an average human being. Why? Because their fitness was functional. So what exactly do I mean by functional fitness?

Functional fitness means being fit and ready for everyday life, and the beautiful thing about life is you never know what it’s going to throw at you. For us functional fitness is about being powerful, explosive and having excellent cardio vascular endurance… all of these factors combined makes you an ideal all round athlete and an awesome specimen of a human being.

Keep your eye out on our Instagram and fitness page for functional fitness workout inspiration. Also if you would like to enrol on one of our fitness programmes, working alongside a personal trainer to meet you fitness goals check out our shop section.

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