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Monmouth Personal Trainer

We all know that fitness is good. The fitter you are the better. But getting fit takes time, costs money and is a lot less comfortable than sitting on the sofa watching Netflix. Primal Human Needs is here to change this. We are a company set up to provide low cost, time efficient fitness. We are currently based in Monmouth but provide training programmes globally.

Primal Human Needs promise to make a significant difference to your fitness levels in as little as one hour per week. We have a wide range of equipment available and specialise in outdoor and home based training. This means that there is no need for you to shell out on expensive gym memberships keeping your costs low. We offer one on one, group and couple personal training from as little as £25 per hour in and around Monmouth. As well as weekly boot camps at your local park where you can come along, meet new people and get fit from £5 per session.

Primal Human Needs is a company dedicated to improving your fitness. If you are looking for a bootcamp or personal trainer in or around Monmouthshire then we are the answer.

Visit our social media sites and check out our website for more information.

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