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Summer is coming

Summer is coming

Summer is slowly arriving here in Monmouth which means it’s a great time to go outdoors and get fit. Primal Human Needs offer a wide range of ways to get fit such as boot camps, personal training for couples, groups and individuals all in Monmouth.

We have a wide range of equipment available and feel confident that we can provide you with all of the benefits of a gym to you at your home or your local park. We believe in it so much that we don’t even have gym memberships ourselves and just train using the equipment we have.

If you live in or around Monmouth and are considering getting fit then you should contact Primal Human Needs and ask about Personal Training and boot camps around Monmouth. This could be your biggest step on your fitness journey leading to a life of health and happiness.

Whatever your fitness goals Primal Human Needs is here to help. We don’t just offer personal training in Monmouth we also offer it worldwide through our online training programmes. Check the online training programmes for more details. Wherever you are in the world Primal Human Needs has your fitness covered.


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