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Affordable Personal Training and Boot Camps Northampton

Affordable Personal Training and Boot Camps in Monmouth

Gym memberships, supplements, shiny new trainers… getting started in the fitness world can often seem a daunting and complicated task as well as an expensive one. Well we at Primal Human Needs feel this doesn’t have to be the case.

Our Monmouth based personal trainer likes to keep things simple. There is no need to buy expensive equipment, no need for a gym membership and no need for any special supplements (unless told to do so by your doctor). To train with us all you need is a sturdy pair of trainers, some suitable kit and a desire to get fit… we will handle the rest.

Primal Human Needs offers affordable, straightforward and effective training that will get you fit, save you time and most importantly won’t cost a fortune leaving you with money left over to put towards that summer vacation.

We have a three day a week boot camp starting soon in Monmouth where our qualified personal trainer will put you through your paces to help you get fit lose weight and learn about your body. With prices starting from just £5 per boot camp session and Personal Training from just £15 per session Primal Human Needs is amongst the most affordable fitness solutions in Monmouth. Stay tuned for more details about our boot camps in Monmouth.

Primal Human Needs

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