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The First Step Towards Weightloss

So you are overweight. This has been confirmed to you by your doctor, the weighing scales and perhaps even the way you feel. But by being here it is clear that you want to make a change. You clearly understand the risks of being overweight… increase risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes. All of these factors make it less likely you will live to an age where you can get to know your grandchildren and live a long happy life.

As a personal Trainer my job is to reduce the risk of you getting all of the aforementioned disease by getting you fitter and helping you lose weight. As a client your job is to watch what you eat, its quite simple. Let me explain.

Us humans have come a long way since running round with sticks and stones trying to bludgeon animals to death which was very energy consuming. Nowadays the most energy we consume is walking around the supermarket trying to find the best offers or perhaps a bit of romance of an evening if your both not “too tired”. Food has also become highly energy dense. Both these things mean that many of us if we are not careful run a calorie surplus. Combine this with the fact that our bodies are excellent at storing excess energy… what do you get? WEIGHT GAIN.

When we eat un healthy food it makes us feel really good (Hell yeah sisters), this is because we still have receptors in our brains from when food was harder to come by which rewards us with good feelings when we eat something nutrient dense. This reward function is the major problem and is particularly prevalent when we are sad, tired or stressed. The majority of us no longer need all of these calories to live which is why eating unhealthy food has just become about pleasure, it is effectively mouth masturbation which when put that way sounds a bit weird which is exactly what it is.

So the first step towards weight loss is…

If you want to lose weight you need to run a calorie deficit. This means burn more calories than you put in. The most effective way of doing this is reducing calorific intake as well as increasing exercise.

I hope you found this helpful and interesting. Being overweight is something that affects a lot of people out there and I am eager to help anyone wanting to rid themselves of it. I am a Personal Trainer in Monmouth that delivers personal training and boot camps to people’s homes and local parks.

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