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The Case For Fitness

Once upon a time before cars, electricity, and supermarkets human beings had to be fit to survive. These days especially in the developed world things are a lot different, to survive you don’t need to be particularly fit except for maybe when you’re running late for something and need to break into a brisk run. So why should the average human strive to become fitter? For me, and for many people in the fitness world being fit isn’t about surviving anymore it is about thriving. Allow me to explain.

Your body AND your mind is YOU. Most of us have been brought up with the premise that our bodies and minds are separate entities well this is slowly being shown to be false (Google Holism). There are thousands of connections between your body and mind and by exercising you increase the number of these connections (Google Neuro Muscular adaptations) as well as the speed information is passed through these connections (reaction times). You basically upgrade your machine from something that is just surviving to something that is thriving.

Why is this information relevant to me?

Simple. If you had to make a choice between a Nokia brick phone or an IPhone 6 you would most probably go for the iPhone 6 unless you’re a super edgy hipster. You chose the iPhone because it makes life easier, makes you better connected, looks better, feels better and just is better. You see where I’m going with this? Exercise has this effect on you. It makes you (your body and mind) more effective, increases neuromuscular connections, makes you look and feel better and not to mention drastically decreases your risk of mortality. So case closed right? Not quite. Unfortunately for many people the choice - “to exercise or not to exercise” - isn’t as simple as choosing which phone is best for the following reasons…

  1. It takes time

  2. Costs money

  3. It’s complicated

#Warning Sales Pitch ahead#

  1. From just one hour per week I can make a drastic improvement to your fitness and I will even come to your house if you live in Monmouth.

  2. From as little as £20 an hour I can personally train you or you can come along to a boot camp session for £5.

  3. I will show you everything you need to know plus more so that eventually you won’t even need me.

My contact details are on the Facebook page and on the website. Stay tuned for more.

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