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"I can't be bothered"

We all get that feeling. The bed is warm, the sofa is comfortable and the outside looks so cold and miserable. Unfortunately our minds default setting is to take the easiest route through life. When faced with something uncomfortable we choose to avoid the pain rather than embrace it. This has led to an epidemic of over eating through easily available calories and lack of exercise due to the fact we hardly need to move EVER. Combine these two together and what do you get?? You get poor health and you get overweight.

But fear not. With a small change in the way you view life you can beat that “I can’t be bothered” feeling. Here’s how:

Primal Boot Camps start at 9 and finish at 10. This means a relatively early start to your Saturday morning.

BEEP BEEP BEEP Alarm goes off. Its raining outside, you poke your head out of the duvet and decide Boot Camp isn’t a good idea. You had too many glasses of wine last night, you’re tired, you are aching, an extra hour sleep and you will feel fine again. Your lazy brain will come up with a lot of different excuses.



Is an extra hour of sleep going to help me lose this weight? Will skipping boot camp bring me closer to that stronger, tighter body that I want? Will not training make me fitter?

Its your choice. Staying in bed will feel really good for the time you are in bed and attending boot camp will hurt and will be punishing.


You will be rewarded with the feeling of accomplishment, a big kick of endorphins and the knowledge that you have made a positive impact on your life and your health. You know whats right.

Time to decide.

Liam Phillips PT Primal Human Needs.

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