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Primal Movement

If you have ever attended a Primal Boot Camp in Monmouth or had a one on one training session from a PHN personal trainer then you will be familiar with Primal Movement. As modern humans our lives are typically very sedentary, we are either sat down, lying down or stood up. If you look at our anatomy there is a lot more we can do with our bodies. (For a reminder of this take a look at a baby and how it moves.) You may have heard the expression; “If you don’t use it you lose it” this is exactly why we integrate Primal Movement in all of our workouts.

By moving our bodies in different directions, creating different shapes out of it and generally putting the body into positions it most likely hasn't been in since childhood a number of things happen in the body. Flexibility is increased and tightness is decreased, this can lead to a reduction in lower back pain amongst other things. The body also adapts to this new pattern of movement by forming neuro-muscular adaptations, which are new nerve connections between your muscles and central nervous system which is effectively like upgrading your body from a dial up internet connection to fibre-optic.

Basically Primal Movement is a fantastic thing to be doing, though painful and tiring at first your body will adapt and you will become better.

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