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Bootcamps and Fitness Classes in Monmouth

We offer affordable weekly fitness classes and boot camps in Monmouth for all ages and abilities. All of our classes are suitable to all abilities and can be adapted depending on the clients needs. We like to create a welcoming community within our classes, with many people enjoying the social aspect (in the breaks). We like to incorporate various different types of training from martial arts and weight training to yoga and mobility. We cover everything to ensure achievement of both strength and flexibility.

Our classes can help you achieve any goal from weight loss to just getting a little fitter. They are all held outdoors throughout the year, with the exception of a few lower intensity classes which will be held indoors during the colder months. Being outdoors helps you reach your goals a lot quicker, there is a lot of evidence that environmental stress i.e. hot and cold are effective at increasing fitness levels and losing weight.

All you need to bring is a water bottle (1L), trainers, suitable sports kit and sometimes (probably quite often) a light rain coat. Visit out Website at for all the information, contact details and timetable. Primal Human Needs

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