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Weight loss in Monmouth

If you live in the Monmouth area and would like to begin a weight loss journey, there are many options for you. Weight watchers as well as other weight loss groups can be effective, however, they do not offer the full package. We want to offer a long term habitual lifestyle change. At Primal Human Needs we specialise in returning your body back to its natural equilibrium through a combination of nutrition and exercise. This means that we get you to what is known as the “sweet spot” where you are in full control of your weight. Not only do we target your nutrition and exercise but we also spend time working on your habits by turning the bad ones into good ones.

Starting a weight loss regime can be a daunting idea, with the image of a judgemental Personal Trainer shouting at you to “work harder”. We like to develop a relationship with all of our clients, and make sure they know that there is no judgment from our side, only respect. Our Personal Trainers can come to you, meaning that if you wish you can train from the comfort of your own home, your garden or your local park. We have an extensive range of equipment available which means that we can bring the gym to you. Our sessions are suitable to all abilities and are adaptable to specific needs. We like to mix things up as much as possible, so do not fear you will not be made to lap Chippenham Park 50 times (unless you really want to!), we include all forms of exercise from weights to yoga, and martial arts to circuit training. To begin your weight loss journey get in touch to organise a consultation. Also have a look through our reviews! Primal Human Needs

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