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Weight loss and personal training in Monmouthshire

Weight loss in Monmouthshire

Gaining weight happens. It happens to a lot of people. The way in which our modern lifestyles are designed means that we do not need to move a lot and we have access to plenty of food. This means that our energy is in surplus, i.e. storage mode!

The good news is that gaining weight is reversible. There are many different ways of losing weight in Monmouthshire. Weightwatchers groups, fitness classes and even surgical routes are available. But before considering any of these, we would like you to consider us.

Primal Human Needs is a proven, time and cost efficient way of getting you to your ideal weight. We combine various science based exercise techniques to optimise your weight loss regime with us. Our personal training take place throughout Monmouthshire with our fitness classes taken place in Monmouth Town.

Our Personal Trainers are based in Monmouth, Monmouthshire and are able to train you at your home or Local Park. We train outdoors. Humans are not designed to be cooped up indoors, and there is a lot of scientific evidence supporting outdoor training, for instance it’s been shown to help boost your immune system as well as decrease depression.

For more information on our Monmouth based weight loss services contact one of our personal trainers or have a look through our website for more information. Primal Human Needs Personal Training and fitness classes 07853225014

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