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FREE FITNESS CLASS. What to expect....

PRIMAL HUMAN NEEDS is the newest fitness trend to come to monmouth, with its main focus being to #getmonmouthmoving. On Saturday 17th June we are running a free fitness class on Chippenham Park between the hours of 9AM and 10AM. This post is about what to expect.

At 9AM the session will begin with a warm up. The purpose of the warm up is to ramp up your heart rate, increase blood flow to your muscles and cause your joints to become more lubricated with something called synnovial fluid. Once this has been completed we move on to the workout!!

The workout is going to be based around the principle of Functional Fitness. All too often at boot camps (especially certain Military Fitness Classes) there is not enough care given to the individual. Little attention is given to technique and the workout is based on intimidation rather than respect. This all too often leads to injury. At Primal Human Needs we do things differently. Our aim is to ensure that our athletes (thats you) are given the most efficient exercises for their needs and that they do those exercises safely and effectively. There will be just as much hard work involved but you are much less likely to get injured, meaning your fitness results will be able to get better and better.

Following the workout we will move into the cool down. The cool down aids in speeding up the recovery process of your body. We will go through some gentle stretching as well as deep breathing. The stretching helps increase blood flow to your muscles and reduces delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), the deep breathing increases oxygen levels in the blood aiding recovery and calms down the mind.

Our aim is that you come away having learnt about yourself and your body, having had fun whilst benefiting your health and ultimately feel really good about yourself!!!

Look forward to meeting you all there.

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