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Why We Should Move More

Our bodies are amazingly versatile pieces of equipment. They evolved over millions of years to become the way they are today, and are still evolving. Our bodies adapt to become the most optimal they can be in the positions they spend the most time in. By optimal I mean most energy efficient.

As hunter gatherers we spent most of our time walking, running, sprinting, jumping, and crawling through varying terrains in different temperatures and weather. As modern humans as a general rule we sit. Sit to drive, sit to work, sit to relax. As a result our bodies are responding to this and are making adaptations.

Sitting down causes hip tightness. The reason why is that the muscles are kept in a shortened position when you are seated. Blood supply is no longer required nor is nerve signalling which leads our hip flexors to stay shortened.

With shortened hips our ability to walk, run and other basic movements becomes compromised and we have to make compensations. These inefficient biomechanics result in poor technique, pain and injury.

The solution is really quite simple. Stand, stretch and move more. You do this by forming new habits. Standing more regularly during the working day. Stretching whilst enjoying your evening entertainment rather than sitting and moving more.

Small changes add up over time. Start implementing them now. Here's how:

  1. Try and sit less frequently, take your calls on your feet, get a sit stand desk

  2. Stretch after prolonged sitting. Use a lunge with back knee to the floor and stand as tall as possible

  3. Take breaks along long car journeys and stretch. This will also help concentration

As personal trainers and massage therapists here in Monmouth the majority of the problems that we see in clients are sitting related.

Take a stand and join the moving movement!

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