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Small Changes

“No pain no gain” “blood sweat and tears” “embrace the struggle”

These are terms we often associate with succeeding our goals whether that be in fitness, life, business or career.

At Primal Human Needs Monmouth we do things differently, not only for ourselves but for our clients and our business… and it’s working.

You see changes don’t have to be hard. If you manage your goals correctly and use the power of foresight then you can still reach your goals and enjoy the journey without sacrificing too much.

This applies to lots of goals. Let’s use a common goal; weight loss. Say a Personal Training client wishes to lose 5 KG. As a Personal Trainer I know that to lose the weight restricting calorie intake and increasing exercise is the key. In the past I have put clients on strict programmes and they lose weight very quickly. However, this is unsustainable and clients soon give in.

What we have now begun to practise is encouraging small lifestyle changes. The goal of losing the 5kg takes longer to achieve, however, the clients lifestyle has completely changed. The power is now in their hands. They have formed long lasting habits which help them control their weight effortlessly. From the exercise they do, the thoughts they have to the foods they buy and cook.

Primal Human Needs isn’t a fitness regime or a belief system, it is a lifestyle. Those that partake understand the benefits of being kind to your body and not beating it up, they get shown that they are already good enough and don’t need to aspire to be a particular size and most importantly get shown that life is a balance. We live in a world full of luxuries like pizza and chocolate which we don’t need to shy away from, we simply need to earn!

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