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Research shows that saunas are amazing for your health and longevity!

Research shows that saunas are amazing for your health and longevity!

Fitness isn't all about killing yourself at a primal fitness hub. There are other ways to have a significant impact on your overall health. One easy thing is sauna use. All you have to do is sit in a hot box a few times a week to have enormous long term health benefits.

Here are a few evidence based statements from the research:

Moderate sauna use (2-3 times per week) reduces the likelihood of dying from cardiovascular disease by 27%. Move that usage to frequent (4-7 times per week) and you are 50% less likely to die from cv disease!!

To further add weight to the case for sauna, frequent use was associated with a 40% reduction in premature death regardless of age, activity levels and lifestyle factors.

The benefits don’t stop with the heart. Many of us have been affected by alzeihmers in one way or another. Frequent sauna use reduces your chances of developing alzeihmers by 65%!!

The majority of these studies have been carried out on a large scale in Finland over many years. The research is sound and is to be believed.

Unfortunately we currently don’t offer sauna as part of our membership here at Primal Fitness Hub . You can find many reasonable sauna memberships from council run facilities.

Can you take the heat????

Liam Phillips


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