Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Changed My Life

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a game of human chess. The game starts with both opponents standing, you then try and get your opponent to the floor. Now on the floor, this is where the real fun begins. From the floor you can work multiple different movements to try and control and submit your opponent. This is where the chess comes in. Because you are likely fighting someone of a similar level, often they know what is coming, so you have to be smart and outmanoeuvre them. The fight is either won on points through domination or by submission. My personal favourite submission is the choke. There is something very satisfying about sinking your arms around someone's neck in a rear naked choke position and calmly squeezing the life out of them until they tap.

This martial art has had a huge impact on my mental well being. I come from a background of weightlifting, where it is common place to smell ammonia and slap yourself to get hyped ready for a big lift. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has taught me that to remain calm is the best method. This way you conserve energy, keep your heart rate down and don't make foolish mistakes due to aggression. This has trickled over into everyday life where things that may have triggered an aggress