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Your memberships impact on the environment

At Primal fitness Hub for every personal training session and every membership bought or renewed a tree is planted.

We plant trees for two reasons. One is to help the environment and two is to help end poverty. In this blog I will be discussing how we are using trees to help the environment.

From school we probably all remember the growth cycle of a tree and how it absorbs carbon dioxide and emits oxygen. We have a problem in the world; there is too much carbon in the atmosphere, and the rate at which this carbon is being released appears greater than the rate it is being absorbed, therefore balance is being lost which is why we are seeing changes in the environment.

So we are tackling this problem by planting more trees. This helps increase absorption levels. But just how much impact are your trees having on carbon levels?

There are around 100,000 different varieties of trees in the world. There are some trees we will never discover and some trees that we have actually created! A trees growth rate varies on its variety, age and location (amongst other variables). Our trees are currently planted round the world, most recently in Ghana, which makes it hard to put an exact figure on the level of carbon absorbed. However, by using a global average calculation we can form a good idea of the impact.

So based on a global average a tree absorbs 25kg of carbon per year. It operates optimally for 40 years which gives us a tasty rounded figure of 1 tonne per tree. But here is the downside when a tree dies it releases that carbon it locked inside back into the environment!! But do not be disheartened, when a tree is managed properly through a forest management programme (like one tree planted) the tree is constantly replaced.

So to get an idea of our impact let’s take an average Hub Member that gets one tree planted every 4 weeks. This is 13 trees per year. Let’s assume that only ⅓ of the trees live long enough to absorb 1 tonne. So each tree = ⅓ tonne in its lifetime.

In one year of membership with Primal Fitness Hub you will be responsible for the eventual absorption of 4.333 tonnes of carbon. (Remember this is after 40 years of being planted)

The average human is responsible for 10 tonnes of carbon per year.

Therefore you are nearly offsetting ½ of your carbon output by training with us.

This is great. And it is a really good thing that we are doing. But the speed at which we are putting carbon into the atmosphere is alarming. So whilst your trees are growing make sure you reduce your footprint in other ways!

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