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'Gym anxiety' Why we get it and how to beat it!

Why do I have Gym anxiety?

Gym anxiety also known as 'gymtimidation' is one of the biggest factors stopping people from getting themselves into the gym. There is such a huge number of people that would say they are too anxious to ever step foot in a gym or a gym class. If you are reading this and you know this is what you suffer from, you are not alone. Going to a new gym can be a daunting step. Especially if you have never been before. You build up scenarios in your head of things that could go wrong or ways you could embarrass yourself or just simply feeling out of your depth and out of place. People that have been to multiple gyms would probably respond with:

You just need to find the right gym for you.

Any of these sound familiar...?

  • You're a beginner

  • You aren't familiar with the equipment

  • The gym might be too crowded

All of the above are totally understandable and you may find some gyms are more suitable for you than others. You are best doing your research and finding a gym that is full of friendly, helpful faces. A gym that welcomes beginners, a gym that can show you how to use equipment and make you feel safe, settled and welcome.

Primal Fitness Hub...

At our gym not only do the coaches help you with anything and everything you could possibly need but our gym users do as well. Every single member is happy to help and will make you feel welcome without even realising - it's just full of really lovely people. We are a team. We also have very knowledgeable friendly Personal Trainers that can help you build your confidence within the gym.

You could also try finding a friend to come with you...

One of the best ways to get over the anxiety of coming to your first class is by finding someone that can come with you even just for your first session. A bonus is we actually offer discounts for couples or friends that join up together. It can be one of the best ways to stay consistent with your training.

We even have cute babies and dogs that pop up at our gym here and there.

Keep going...

One of the quickest ways to start feeling relaxed at the gym is to KEEP GOING the more you put those trainers on and turn up, the more familiar it will feel.

If you are reading this wishing you had the confidence to join... we are just a message or a phone call away, we can meet you and show you the gym and that is the first step DONE.

We hope to hear from you soon, Primal x

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