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"Haven't got my steps in because its been raining..."

No one likes a long walk in the pouring rain, but when you have a steps goal it can be so irritating when you don't reach your target just because of the weather. We have you covered for some top tips on how to still get those steps in despite the rain!!! 1. There are a selection of awesome YouTube step work outs that are so popular with all our members so far! Also great for coordination too haha!! Below are linked some of the most popular... For all time windows... 5000 steps in 30 mins...

These are all feel good videos that leave you with your steps ticked and endorphins running through the body. 2. Tidy the house!!!! If you've ever tracked your steps you'll know that doing some house work definitely boosts the steps and your left with a tidy house... & tidy mind. Mopping, hoovering, spraying the sides are all things that keep you moving and keep those steps ticking. 3. Stair climb challenges Challenge yourself ... Put a timer on for 10 mins and see how may times you can climb up and down the stairs in your house... Start steady this is harder than you think. I bet this ramps the steps up! 4. Finally, Find yourself the biggest umbrella, the cosiest raincoat, your waterproof walking shoes and your favourite music and just go out and get it. It may look miserable but unless it's torrential rain you will 100% always feel better doing a rainy walk than not doing a rainy walk. Then hop in the bath for your reward. Have you been reading our weekly blogs and noting down things you can change to improve your lifestyle but still feel like you need that extra bit of help? We have an online weight loss coaching programme that guarantees results in a controlled enjoyable way. If you're local you should check out our 24/7 gym and our fitness classes at our gym in Monmouth and Ross on Wye. We cater for kids and adults, a family friendly gym with a large welcoming community. Drop in for a work out or class. Message today!! Thanks Primal x

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