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How to lose weight? Here's a tick list of our top tips.

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Weight loss simplified:

You've tried everything in the past but nothing has ever stuck. You've been able to drop a few pounds here and there but always end up putting it all and more back on. It's time to work out exactly how to lose weight ... It really is a simple equation of calories in vs calories burnt. It's all about being in a 'deficit' of calories to lose weight. For more info on this follow this link

Our top tips on how to lose weight:

  1. Eat more protein

  2. Track your calories

  3. Set a step goal and stick to it

  4. Build muscle

  5. Get a decent sleep

  6. Eat more fibre

  7. Drink more water

  8. Eat regular substantial meals (to avoid snacking)

  9. Don't ban certain foods

  10. Out for the day? Pack healthy lunch you can track and healthy snacks

Struggling? Time to get yourself a weight loss coach.

Sometimes it's important to know the right time and place for accepting professional help and expert guidance. If you're struggling to get the weight down now is the right time. There's nothing more important than feeling your best self and we all know weight has a huge impact on this let alone your health. We run a free two week taster for our programme which will help you get the ball rolling and get an idea for what we do, and hopefully (most do) you'll get your first loss within these two weeks. If you are keen to start the process because you just need more than these top tips... follow the link below :

Primal x

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