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Just Turn Up

Just Turn Up

I don't know about you but in between the images of butts and bikinis my instagram feed is full of people doing amazing feats of physicality. I scroll in awe.

There is one major difference between me and the images I see. You could argue genetics, luck etc. and to an extent you are right. But my argument is the overriding difference is consistency.

For the last xxxx number of years that person has grinded at their art and they are now showcasing it to the world. Some of these people started age 7 and some of these people started aged 60.

Whether its gymnastics, weightlifting, feats of endurance or strength these people worked hard at what they do week in week out. They make sacrifices to their social lives and saving levels but to them it is completely worth it.

My question to you is what do you want to achieve? And what are you willing to sacrifice?

For me I want to step into a cage and dominate my opponent through mixed martial arts. For Emma, she wants to find a balance between serious strength and mobility.

A huge proportion of our income goes to coaches, massage, therapy, nutritionists and kit. Each day we get up and we take small intentional actions to bring us closer to that goal. Those small actions don’t seem like much but they add up over the weeks and months and years to bring you closer to that goal.


Its cold, its dark, you are tired. Class starts in 30 minutes. Your Call.

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