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Weight Lifting for Weight Loss

When we hear the word weightlifting our minds jump to burly people with big belly's and veins popping out of their foreheads. You can hear a typical weightlifter before you see them, shrieking, banging and just being generally angry for no apparent reason.

However, you might have a different viewpoint if you'd stepped foot in our gym between Ross on Wye and Monmouth. Here everyone lifts weights!!


From our viewpoint weightlifting is one of the three most important aspects of any fitness goal. When done correctly it is amazing for you! In this post I want to talk about why its beneficial from a weight loss perspective. There are three main reasons and it makes for a great (ish) story.

  1. The beginning.

The story starts with our new online weight loss client who hasn't had much experience lifting weights. Their online personal trainer tells them to get to the gym (or home gym set up) and sets them a personalised programme with detailed instructions and videos so that they perform the exercises safely.

They start lifting weights, or performing bodyweight resistance work at home. The process of doing this burns calories.

2. The middle

After the session the client goes home and follows the online coaches nutritional guidance and eats some protein and carbohydrates. This helps their muscles grow and repair. This process takes a few days and requires a significant amount of energy, which means they are burning more energy than normal during this period.

3. The end

After consuming adequate energy the client has now built additional muscles. Muscles consume energy. Adding muscles is like increasing the size of your engine in your car. If you've ever had an upgrade in engine size you will have found two things; 1. Your car is now more powerful, 2. Your car now burns more fuel. (oh and a third thing you wont ever want to go back to that smaller car!!)

Now the client burns more energy on a daily basis because they have more muscles. This means that the "slow metabolism" they thought they had has sped up meaning it is possible to consume more calories without putting on weight.... or..... it is easier to lose weight without going into such a big calorie deficit.

There are also a load of other benefits to weight lifting which help weight loss from a hormonal perspective- but that can be for another bed time story.

Sleep well xxx

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