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New Outdoor Boot Camp in Ross on Wye

We have some very exciting news. Once Covid Restrictions have lifted at the end of March/beginning of April we intend to launch a brand new outdoor fitness class in Ros on Wye. This will take place on a Sunday morning at 10am. (Sunday morning lie ins are important ;))

Our gym is based between Monmouth and Ross on Wye. And after discussions with our Personal Trainers we thought that it just wasn't fair to only have an outdoor boot camp in Monmouth. This is why Primal Fitness is coming to Ross on Wye!!

What to expect?

The class features a warm up which involves mobilisation techniques to help care for your body and also get you ready for the exercise to come.

What we do for the main part of the session is determined by the weather but it can go from strength work, animal movements, sprinting... you name it.

The only difference between our indoor classes held at our gym is all outdoor sessions are done with body weight only. It is amazing how much of a workout you can get under the supervision of a personal trainer with just your bodyweight.

Stay tuned for further announcements. First class is always free!!

(We have to stay vague right now in terms of dates due to the pandemic and don't want to disappoint!!)

Thanks for reading team!!

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