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Online Weight Loss Coaching

After years of coaching people in person, we have finally realised that the secret to weight loss isn't in hours of gruelling personal training sessions but in accountability and small habit changes.

With Personal Training you get 1 hour of highly detailed and professional physical coaching. You work hard because your coach knows how you work and helps you get the most out of that hour. In that hour you may burn between 300-600 calories.

But....what happens during the other 23 hours of that day when you are left to your own devices?

This is where we find there is most room for change. In the tiny details of your daily habits we can help you find the secret to your weight loss.

By tracking your activity and nutrition and receiving daily feedback you can really optimise your lifestyle so that you are on target to for your weight loss goals. This doesn't mean a crazy overhaul of your current lifestyle, instead it is a gradual implementation of healthy habits that fit alongside your current lifestyle.

Extreme and drastic lifestyle changes like the ones you may have tried before do work, but they are short lived and non sustainable. By implementing long term and sustainable lifestyle changes you will be able to lose weight AND maintain.

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