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Pocket Coach Weightless accountability coaching

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Have you tried dieting before? Did it work for a little while then stop working because it got tough or boring?

We know all about this and firmly believe this is not the way.


We do things a little differently here at Primal Fitness Hub. Our Personal Trainers are trained to look at the bigger picture, to find out the foods you love and the foods you hate as well as the exercise you love and hate. We take all this into consideration and come up with a constantly evolving nutrition and activity programme.

Feeling ill? We take the pressure off.

Going on holiday? We adjust the targets.

There is no one plan that fits all. We take so much into consideration including your age, weight, activity levels and stress levels.

With our online coaching programme you get daily text communication with your trainer who will check in on your nutrition and activity levels to help guide towards meeting your weight loss goals. Each week you will have a coaching call where the past week is reviewed and adjustments to the targets are made.

Being over weight is really common and can lead to us feeling down about ourselves which can lead into a negative spiral. All of our calls are done through voice call, we expect no photos and all workouts can be done from home. We understand how you are feeling and want to help.

If this sounds like something you would like to try out then please get in touch!

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