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Spend More On Food

Managing to eat well, train hard and have a successful career is super challenging. We know meal deals don't cut it, snack bars are full of crap and take outs might be worse than smoking. So what can one do?

Unless you live with your mum still or have a house wife/husband whose main role is running the house you are likely finding that cooking, food prep and shopping takes up a lot of your free time and can lead to a lot of stress.

We want food to taste good, be convenient, healthy and not cost a lot. Well good luck with that. I have been struggling to balance those four variables for the best part of 7 years now. And I think I have cracked it, but not without compromise, I threw low cost out of the window.

A really popular method is the old meal prep scenario. Spend your Sunday shopping, prepping, cooking and then boxing. This allows you to make all your meals for the week in one sitting. Its great and works for many who try it. But my problem is I don't want to spend my Sunday afternoon working in my kitchen. I want to be having fun!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook. I love to spend a few hours working on something delicious to share with friends and family. And this is what I do when I have time on the weekends, but only on my terms and when I enjoy it.

So after years of sliced fingers, mouldy food containers, hot and bothered stressy arguments and disorganised eating habits I looked at getting someone else to make my meals for me. BECAUSE I'M WORTH IT. Someone that has chosen to make cooking food their career and has passion and skill. Her name is Emily and runs the company Not Naughty Nutrition.

I sat down with Emily and discussed exactly what I was looking for. Now I get two boxes of food per day each containing 1000 calories with a macro nutrition split that is in line with my current fitness goals. I then supplement additional calories through nuts, seeds, fruit and shakes.

It has revolutionised the way I work and train and has changed the dynamics within our house. No more stressy last minute meal cooking whilst tired and hungry and no more mess!!!! Home time is now chill time.

The amount I spend on food has probably quadrupled. And my monthly food budget is close to that of my rent. But why not? When the single most important factor in health and fitness is nutrition.

Now I know I am doing it right. All the meals come with a chart to rate how the meal made me feel. This means the menu will constantly change based on how my body reacts to the food as well as my personal taste preferences.

Emily's meals will be available to order in January. You will not regret it.

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