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What can I increase in my diet to encourage weight loss?....

One of the most necessary things in our diet and often the least consumed is ... FIBER! Firstly fiber leaves you feeling fuller for longer as it slows down digestion. This then results in a suppression of appetite leaving you less likely to reach for those snacks to get you to your next meal. The more viscous the fiber the better. Top tip on increasing fiber intake... Look at including some fiber in every single meal. Breakfast is eggs? Add some spinach or end with some blueberries. Lunch is a sandwich? Fill that sandwich with as much salad as possible and choose whole meal bread with lots of seeds in. If your meal doesn't include a lot of fiber always make sure you finish with some … A handful of nuts perhaps? If every meal has fiber in you should be able to hit a daily target of 20g-25g easily. Fibrous foods: Fruit and Veg... Some of the highest are: Pears, Avocados, Raspberries, Sprouts, Broccoli, Carrots Lentils Beans

Nuts Seeds Oats Chia seeds (extremely high) & saving the best until last... Dark Choc (70%+) YUM! If you're unsure how much fiber you are actually getting in your diet its worth having a track and seeing if you are hitting the right amount. If you want some help with your diet you should try our weight loss coaching two week trial for £35. If you've not been to our gym yet pop in for a visit and book a free taster class or induction for our 24/7 gym. It will not disappoint. IT'S TIME! Primal x

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