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What is a weight loss coach?

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

A Weight loss coach:

A weight loss coach is all about accountability. Having someone with your goals in mind checking in with you every day. Helping you make decisions about your activity and your food choices, giving you daily inspiration and motivation to keep you striving towards your goals. Someone that believes in you and helps you every step of the way. Someone to always answer your questions and give you advice. We will be your biggest cheerleader when you hit milestones and pick you right back up again with support when you don't. Sometimes life gets in the way and we understand this- we help you work around this.

What's included in the weight loss coaching programme? Read below!

A Weight loss coach is not...

Someone that makes you cut foods you love, someone that stops you going out and enjoying yourself, we will not make you feel exhausted and starving. We will not make you drink weight loss shakes or try and sell you weight loss pills. One of our weight loss coaches will not set you unattainable goals for calories or work outs. We will not set you on a diet plan and training programme and leave you on your own.

It's all about mindfulness towards movement and nutrition,

It's about learning how to maintain your weight for the rest of your life with habits you have developed on the programme,

You won't just be told what to do, you will learn why you're doing it and always remember how that made you feel.

What's included on our weight loss coaching?

  1. Daily communication with advice, motivation and answers to your q's

  2. Weekly coaching phone calls for goal setting and catching up

  3. Calorie and steps / training goal setting

  4. Work out programming

  5. Shopping list inspiration

  6. Gym access (for the local community -for the premium price)

  7. Weight loss community group chat

  8. Weekly weigh ins and measurements


Primal x

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