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Primal Fitness Hub

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Our other services


Primal Gym

Open 24 hours, 7 days a week with all the kit you could need in 5000 sq ft space! 


Personal Training

1-1 training with a trainer of your choice to improve your strength and fitness 

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Online Weight Loss Coaching 

Our online weight loss programme will give you the accountability you need to reach your target weight

Pocket coach


Book a Free Session Today

Come and experience the unique environment and support that Primal Gym and its Classes have to offer. Book a free gym session or class so you can be confident that signing up to Primal Gym will help you achieve your goals.

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Primal Gym Monmouth

Our Classes

Our Methods

Primal Fit

Constantly varied exercise performed at high intensity. We guarantee you will get sweaty and feel welcomed into our community. Daily WOD's programmed by Mayhem Athlete. 

Primal Strength

We combine Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting and accessory work to provide you with an all round strength training workout that sees you progressing over time in our fully equipped British Weight Lifting gym! 


Moga is our own unique blend of Yoga and Pilates. Great as a starting place to the gym or an addition to you training regime. Offered at the gym and LIVE on zoom.

Download your free 'Our Secrets' E-book here!

Online Weight Loss Coaching

Pocket Coach

  • Daily communication with advice, motivation and answers to your q's

  • Weekly coaching phone calls for goal setting and catching up

  • Calorie and steps / training goal setting

  • Work out programming

  • Shopping list inspiration

  • Gym access (for the local community -for the premium price)

  • Weight loss community group chat

  • Weekly weigh ins and measurements


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