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Hire a Personal Trainer for Weight Loss in Northampton

Back in 2015 we set up our Personal Training business here in Northampton and ran boot camps and weight loss coaching from Abington Park, the Racecourse and peoples homes. The aim was to save up enough money to go travelling around Costa Rica for 6 months. We did it and whilst in Costa Rica decided to move locations when we got back to Monmouth in South Wales. For the next 6 years we developed our business there and now have a successful gym. Recently we decided to move back to Northampton in order to be closer to family and to start up our new company; This means we are now available once again for Personal Training in and around Northampton.

This time things are different. We have almost a decades worth of extra experience between us and specialise in women weight loss.

With such a high % of the population dissatisfied with their appearance we are really motivated to help change this! We believe that success comes through accountability, small behaviour changes and mindset shifts. We coach all of this in person and also through our app. We realised that one personal training session just isn't enough to cut it and that the reason personal training sessions are so popular is due to ACCOUNTABILITY. So we have taken this idea and ran with it. Now we offer accountability EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

Not only are you able to get our fun and effective workouts from a personal training session but also for the rest of the week get reminded each day to keep your health front of mind.

This really works and we are so proud of all our happy clients for the success they have achieved.

If you'd like to find out more about getting a personal training session for weight loss in Northampton then please feel free to book a FREE consultation to discuss your goals...

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you soon!!

Here is a video of us working out on the racecourse in Northampton;

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