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What we offer

Pocket Coach

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We offer DAILY ACCOUNTABILITY through our nutrition, activity and habit coaching app. This means EVERY DAY we will be getting in touch to provide you with feedback from the day before and motivation for the day ahead. This also means that the entire programme can be changed daily to meet YOUR LIFESTYLE NEEDS. 

As well as the daily accountability you will get WEEKLY COACHING CALLS. These calls can be used for anything you want. Most of the time the calls are used for the following; exercise technique, goal setting and motivation. Calls last around 15 minutes and are a great way to discuss barriers and fears but also to CELEBRATE WINS!! 

Online Weight Loss Coaching gets you results!


Includes personalised work out programming for your home or for in your local gym!

Meet The Team


Emma is not only a skilled Personal Trainer but also an experienced Moga instructor. Specializing in post-pregnancy weight management and work-life balance, Emma helps clients navigate the challenges of parenting, work commitments, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Online Weight Loss Coach


Liam: Our programming and strength and conditioning expert, Liam, is a passionate Personal Trainer who designs personalized workout plans to help clients achieve their fitness goals. With a deep understanding of exercise programming, Liam ensures effective and safe workouts that deliver results.

Online Weight Loss Coach

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Victoria: As a Health Coach, Victoria is an invaluable resource for women going through menopause. Her expertise in weight management during this phase empowers women to take control of their health and well-being. With Victoria's guidance, women can navigate the unique challenges of menopause and achieve their weight management goals.

Health Coach

We Guarantee Results at Pocket Coach

"The online weightloss coaching is exactly what I needed. Liam is so knowledgable and motivational. Three weeks in and down 9 lbs already!! Thank you xx"

How would you like to...

1. Be able to look in the mirror and feel proud and fantastic.
2. Be able to say YES to going out and having a good time with your family and friends without worrying about gaining weight. 
3. Be someone that actually works out and enjoys it.

4. Be able to enjoy your grand kids and meet your great grandkids because you've got on top of your weight and your health is looking UP!
5. Dismantle any bad nutritional habits because you've realised how bad awful they make you feel! 
6. Experience how GOOD, good food makes you feel.
7. Educate yourself on how to maintain your weight.

Our Weight loss results

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