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Welcome to the platform. You are here because there is something else you want from life. We know this because we believe everybody wants something else from life, even Richard Branson and he’s got a freaking island. We can make you fitter, healthier, stronger and most importantly we believe we can make you happier. This is a big statement we know but hear us out.

Primal Human Needs is a lifestyle concept with roots in mankind’s primal past and branches in modern society designed to optimize every human’s life. It’s a tried and tested concept based around four key elements; fitness, nutrition, adventure and dreams.

Our Fitness section is a platform for increasing fitness. We offer free programmes, one on one personal training (online and face to face), evidence based information and awesome fitness products aimed to maximise the effectiveness of each workout. Whether you want to gain muscle, lose weight or simply get fit you have come to the right place.

The Nutrition section is a platform for optimizing your nutrition. In terms of nutrition out motto is that you get out what you put in, basically you put in shit you will feel shit, look shit and be shit. Optimize your nutrition here and be the best.

The most exciting section of the site is adventure. We feel people spend too long looking down at their phones and living other people’s adventures which is why we wanted to encourage people to seek out their own. Here you can be inspired by adventures we have been on, find places near you where you can go on adventures and also adventure essentials so that you can be prepared for anything.

Dreams is our peculiar baby that makes us so unique. This is the place to get in touch with your true inner spirit. We offer advice on meditation, yoga and sleep. Dreams is here to awaken you from the sleep walk like state of life many of us are in and to grow and awaken your mind. Sounds good? Come see for yourself.

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