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Why You NEED to come to a Primal Boot Camp

Every Saturday morning between the hours of 9 and 10 there is something new happening in the heart of Monmouth on Chippenham Park. Primal Human Needs has put together Primal Boot Camp. Primal Boot Camp is FREE for the 1st session and from then on costs only £5 per session which makes it an extremely affordable way of getting fit.

What does the session consist of?

A Primal Boot Camp lasts one hour. and consists of the following:

Warm Up. This is done to increase the blood flow around your body, to increase your heart rate and to increase the amount of synnovial fluid in your joints. All of this means you will be prepared for the workout with a reduced chance of injury.

Primal Movement. This is part of the warm up and is designed to increase the mobility of our bodies. Our lives are spent either sat down or in an upright position and this causes a few problems for us such as tightness in certain areas which can attribute to back pain. Primal Movement increases our mobility and can decrease back pain that is associated with tightness.

Circuit Training: This makes up the bulk of the workout. This is a full body workout designed to work on your strength as well as training your cardio vascular system. Not only will you burn excess fat during the workout but also for a few days after the workout, as your muscles burn energy whilst repairing. Each exercise has a Hard, Medium and Easy setting so whatever your ability this training is suitable for you.

Yoga: For our cool down following the workout we do some stretching and breathing exercises. This will return our heart rates back to normal and will help prevent blood pooling which can happen if you stop exercise without cooling down.

Meditation: For the last couple of minutes we sit down and take some silence. All too often our lives are so hectic that we never take time to ourselves, these few minutes are for exactly that. Here is a time to self reflect and to be mindful.

Expect to get dirty, expect to be forced out of your comfort zone and expect to be pushed to your limits. After all has been said and done and when the time comes to leave you will feel better in yourself and will have started the weekend right.

Hope to see you there!!

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