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Why We Should Never Stop Playing

Why we should never stop playing

As a child we play. We use our bodies and our minds to come up with new games and new ways of moving. As we get older we play less and less and by a certain age we all just seem to stop. Playing is fun, and there is no limit to what playing may entail. Here is a quick reminder for those of you who have forgotten how to play...

Playing involves a combination of movement and imagination. It can be done with other people or even by yourself. Dancing, jumping, skipping, rolling and fighting are all ways of playing. Its about reaching a state of flow, not caring about anything else and simply going with it. All people enjoy different forms of play, and there is no right or wrong way of playing. Explore your body and delve into your mind. Simple...?

Unfortunately most adults and a growing number of children lack the ability to play. From a young age we are placed in front of screens which create entertainment for us meaning we lose our imagination. We also neglect our bodies through inactivity leading to tightness and weakness and a lack of neuro-muscular pathways. Playing, especially amongst adults has become a social abnormality but here’s the thing. Playing is pleasurable, its fun and benefits your body and mind massively.

You want to know the secret to a longer happier life? Never grow up. Dance even if there is no music, run naked outside in a summer rainstorm, push the boundaries of your body and find the limits of your mind. Play and you will find pleasure and happiness at every turn.

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