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The Benefits Of Outdoor Personal Training

The benefits of an outdoor personal trainer in Monmouth.

Primal Human Needs holds the majority of their personal training and fitness classes in the great outdoors, all year round. The reason for this is based on our desire to create diverse and non-monotonous workouts for our clients, as well as due to the number of health benefits of training outdoors. Monmouth gyms such as Monmouth Leisure Centre and the Monmouth Boy School Gym are very small over crowded areas, with limited natural light and barely any fresh air. Training in these places can make you feel frustrated and confined. Here are evidence based reasons why outdoor training is better.

Training outdoors means you burn more calories. You burn calories by placing physical and mental demands on your body. In a gym environment you are limited to the equipment you have in front of you, but outdoors in Monmouth the landscape provides much more physical demands. Hills, ditches, mountains, uneven fields, river banks and playing fields all place a demand on the body, couple this with cold, hot or rainy weather and the demand decreases even more.

There are numerous research papers highlighting the connection between being outdoors and a reduction in stress and depression. Also from the biochemical level increase in oxygen levels through fresher air increases the amount of serotonin released, this is the feel good hormone.

The biggest advantage of all is the level of freedom and space that you have outdoors when compared to a gym. You can be as loud and as free as you want, and have all the space you could ever need. Our Personal Trainers in Monmouth have lots of outdoor based equipment to further add to the dynamics of outdoor training.

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