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What sets us apart?

What sets us apart?

At Primal Human Needs our training methods are very important to us. Often you find personal trainers in Monmouth carrying out the same methods year on year, though successful to some degree these methods are not consistent with new scientific research. Our Monmouth based Personal Trainers are always on the lookout for new innovative way to optimise our own performance and get better results for our clients. We spend significant time scouring through published scientific articles in order to put our clients in a better position.

Our ethos are based on mind body connection. The way in which the body looks is not a priority to us, what we care about is functionality. We want to maximise the efficiency of your body, from its ability to switch between fuel sources to its ability to react to stimulus. Functionality comes first and the aesthetics follow.

Unlike most fitness classes and gyms in Monmouth, the majority of our sessions are held outside. This means you are getting more health benefits than training indoors. Being outdoors means there are no boundaries to what we can do and achieve in a session. If outdoor training isn’t something you think you would be interested in then take a look at our reviews.

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