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Increase Your Fitness By Exploring Monmouthshire

Looking for a fun workout to do in this nice weather? Just get outside and start to explore. Nature has so many different obstacles built into her complicated system, by moving through these systems we load muscles that we typically don't use, resulting in a great workout!

In Monmouth we are surrounded by beautiful countryside from the Wye Valley to the Brecon Beacons. Nature can be extremely taxing on our bodies especially when you take the approach of treating the wilderness like a gym. Find new and fun ways of moving which puts strain on your body. Find trees to climb and rocks to jump over and throw. Nature strains your musculoskeletal system as well as many other systems within your body. Break away from the crowded, stuffy cubes we call gyms and reconnect with your wild side.

Not only does being in nature benefit us physically, studies have also shown that we gain a mental benefit too. All our our fitness classes and personal trainer sessions take place outdoors, maximising your workout. WIN WIN.

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