• Emma Kitching

Primal Moga. What to expect.

Mobilises. Strengthens. Stretches. Preparing our bodies to perform everyday tasks or work out regimes effectively, efficiently and pain free.

It mobilises your entire body with simple dynamic movements. Too often we are spent doing the same movements in our area of work, hobbies, home life and sport without focussing on every single plane of movement for all areas of the body. Certain areas are left neglected, lacking full range of motion, which has a direct effect on our flexibility, causing tightness, which can lead to stress, lack of sleep, pain signals etc.In Primal Moga we try to tap into all areas each week, creating complete mind-body connection. Allowing you to move freely and confidently.

Our Primal Moga class also targets the areas of the body that are weak, typically due to the sedentary lifestyles modern humans have evolved to have. For example, we spend a lot of our day sat down on our Gluteus (our backside). The Gluteus Maximus is the one of the strongest and largest muscles in the body, and very importantly supports the spine. Yet it is not being used efficiently and in a lot of cases is fast