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Emma's experience of Mindful Holistic Massage

We have a new massage therapist working from the gym- Nickie. He does 'mindful holistic massage' the super relaxing sleep inducing kind... So we couldn't wait to book ourselves in for one. Nickie had set up the room with incredible scents, relaxed lighting and beautiful relaxing music. So as soon as I led on the massage bed I felt at ease. I had a full body massage and it was the perfect balance... The kind of balance everybody needs... unbelievably relaxing without any discomfort but he still managed to flush out those unwanted knots. It's the sort of massage you need to sit on the sofa afterwards and come back to reality before driving home (you know the one). If you are looking to destress, take a break from the world, your busy life and have some time for pure relaxation... THIS IS YOUR GUY!! Nickie will be based at Primal Fitness Hub 24/7 gym... Make sure you get in touch via his email address to get yourself booked. Why not try his neck, back and shoulders 30 min or his full body holistic 1 hour... I can't wait to get my next one booked in. Email: Phone: 07446382468 Not only does Primal Fitness Hub offer fitness classes, 24/7 gym and Personal Training... we've also got you covered on the self care with Massage therapies.

Primal x

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