Primal Fitness For Endurance

Primal Fitness for endurance athletes.

Primal Fitness is our constantly varied strength and conditioning class. It contains a lift of the day (LOD), accessory work and a main work out of the day (WOD). Our classes are programmed to increase levels of fitness across multiple domains. For those in the endurance game muscular endurance is something you really want to develop. This will give your muscles the ability to work for extended periods of time under duress. Combine this with our cutting edge accessory work designed to get your body working in synergy, you will become a mountain goat. (Trust me you want to be a mountain goat).

For our everyday Primal Fitter we programme muscular endurance and hypertrophy, followed by strength followed by power. This happens over a 16 week cycle starting in a 10 rep wave for four weeks, dropping to 8, then 5 and then finally 3. This format results in a