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Get paid to lose weight...

The time has finally come to launch this incredible new offer, spaces are limited on this first launch so let's snap it up!!!

6 week programme: For £200 you will receive... -24/7 access to the gym -Unlimited access to all our classes

-Your own designated accountability coach At the start of the process you will have a consultation with your accountability coach. Together you will set some weight loss goals based on your lifestyle which will be completely attainable if you follow the advice and instructions given. This is where it gets even better... After the 6 weeks are up you will meet again and review the results. If you achieved that weight loss goal you will be given back the £200 as credit to be used towards a 6 month membership either at the gym or for our online weight loss coaching. So not only have you got the incentive to lose that weight to get that credit back you also don't just stop at the 6 weeks ... You're already in good consistent habits so can carry on your weight loss and fitness journey with us. If you're looking for that extra push to start feeling your best self this is a no brainer for you. An incredible opportunity to lose weight, get stuck into an amazing fitness routine that leaves you feeling on top of the world and gets you feeling confident in a gym environment. So are you signing up? Contact us today and we can get the ball rolling. Primal x

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