• Emma Kitching

"Here are 5 reasons you should make Muay Thai your staple routine at PFH"

So it’s been an unexpected few months, our routines have been rumbled, self care has become difficult and you’re ready for some change. Thankfully, we can see the lights begin to flicker in our gyms as they get ready to open in the new way. Change is definitely afoot, the packed out weights room and cramped spin classes of the chain commercial gyms are probably a thing of the past, at least for the foreseeable future, and with it goes the accessibility of the walk in when you fancy attitude. But the best kind of discoveries happen when we go off the beaten track. There is a plethora of bespoke and motivating ways to get healthy and stay healthy. If you’re already a member of Primal Fitness, you would probably of experienced some of these from Moga, Primal Fit, Personal Training, BJJ and my personal favourite Muay Thai. As the Muay Thai Instructor at Primal Fitness Hub, I am hoping to make your route through the new age of gym culture that little bit easier. Whether you’re undecided about the sport, only interested in hitting the bag, an aspiring competitor, or somewhere in between; here are five reasons why you should make Muay Thai your staple routine at Primal Fitness Hub.