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How stress can affect weight loss.

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Weight loss can be very simple if 'life' is taken out of the equation.

Life = Lack of sleep, doing overtime at work, losing someone close to you, birthday celebrations, Christmas, holidays, arguing with your other half, going into the petrol garage, forgetting to food prep, forgetting to food shop... The list goes on... This list is life. Life is the one damn thing that well and truly sticks a middle finger up at losing weight.

Because 'life' affects our emotions and when our emotions aren't balanced or aren't in favour of weight loss we reach for food and drink. This is where stress comes into the equation. Reaching for what we know we shouldn't is either in times of celebration or times of stress (or just very bad long term habits). Some lose their appetite in times of stress but the majority are the opposite and want to eat every comfort food in sight to feel that positive short term release.

But why do we really struggle with weight loss in times of stress? There is more to it than just the foods we are reaching for...

  • Stress can affect your sleep which has a negative impact on weight loss (see our previous blogs for more)

  • Stress releases cortisol and when cortisol is pumping through your veins your body tries to hold onto fat. It also makes you feel hungrier and as a result may lead you to eating more.

  • It can lead to skipping meals. We all know when we skip a meal we get overly hungry and are at risk of not making the right decisions or binging.

We can't get rid of every day stresses but what we can learn is how to manage them and control our impulses at times of stress. Check out our blog next week on our top tips of how to manage stress without food and drink.

The good thing is our weight loss program is designed for losing weight no matter what is going on in your life and we are trained to help you get through these times without piling on the weight. Sound like you might need the guidance? Get a free weight loss consultation call with one of our coaches at

Primal x

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