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How to maintain your ideal weight? STOP DIETING!!

Diets are a short term fix they may leave you feeling a bit lighter but they may also leave you feeling HUNGRY, deflated, fatigued, and constantly trying to fight off that voice inside your head to have a big binge after your big loss and month of cutting everything you love out. It's then likely you slowly start to notice those clothes getting tighter again not long after you stopped your BIG DIET... it turns into a vicious cycle of losing and gaining over and over again until you're dizzy. Why not find something that's actually sustainable. That allows you to still eat the foods you enjoy, still say YES to eating out with friends, still say YES to having a glass of wine on a Friday night. AND STILL LOSE WEIGHT ? Its all about the facts, calories in v calories out. You may need to spend a bit more time working out what you're eating and the numbers, but this becomes easy after a few days as most of us tend to eat similar things each day. You learn where the line is, you learn boundaries, you understand the foods you're eating... If you have a slice of cake that has 700 calories in (OUCH BUT THIS CAN ACTUALLY BE ACCURATE) that could be your dinner out the window... so you work it out and you make that choice. We teach you how to manage your weight, how to know how much movement you need to do, what your natural calorie burn is without movement (BMR). The first step is just seeing how many calories are in the things you are eating... that's enough to make you think twice. Especially when you know how hard 10 calories on the assault bike is LOL. If you want long term changes and steady consistent loss... you're in the right blog ;) Contact us now 07903687887 we can get you started. Already a member at our 24/7 gym? Why not add it onto your gym membership or your fitness classes. Not a member? If you're local we have fitness classes in Monmouth for all abilities and ages... kids, teens, adults, we also run a gym that operates 24/7 with your own fob access!!

Primal x

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