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Low energy levels? Lacking motivation? Your diet could have something to do with this...

The most common nutritional disorder in the world... Is... IRON DEFICIANCY. Especially for women! (we need a lot more than men!!!)

Not something you ever consider..? Read more! Low iron levels can leave you feeling tired and run down. This is why often a common condition called anemia is often over looked because we may be putting how we feel down to lack of sleep, over worked, over training... not an iron deficiency. Iron is one of the most important for the muscles as it produces red blood cells which are vital for healthy immune system, mental function, muscle strength and energy. Unfortunately the body cannot create iron itself. So it's time to understand why we need iron, how much we need and where we can get it from.

FUN FACT: Large amounts of tea, coffee and dairy can make it harder for your body to absorb iron. The dangers of low iron levels long term: -Can make you at risk of infection and illness as your immune system will be compromised -In pregnancy can cause implications before and after birth -Can increase your risk of implications on the heart So... feeling motivated to 1st find out how much iron you need and then how you can get more of it...? Women need 18 milligrams per day and Men need just 8 milligrams per day! Big difference but seems obvious when considering the monthly menstrual cycle. (If you suffer from heavy periods you need to make sure you are absolutely tracking your iron going forwards). What can I eat more of to get more iron in? Vitamin C... Helps you absorb more iron Foods high in iron: Fortified cereals, Meats (particularly red meat), dark leafy greens, dark chocolate, beans and lentils, dried fruit. You might be thinking its time to start tracking your diet. This could be a good idea

to optimize your health. If you have the desire to lose weight tracking can be one of the most effective ways of doing so. Awareness of what you're consuming is key. If you are interested in weight loss or just general nutritional guidance, at Primal Fitness Hub we run an online coaching programme. 2 week taster- check it out on our website. Thanks for reading. Ever interested in fitness classes or open gym don't hesitate to come and have a look around our gym based between Monmouth and Ross on Wye. 24/7 gym and classes for all ages. Primal x

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