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Our Data So Far

A major part of our online weight loss coaching programme is about data. To ensure you are in a calorie deficit which is where you need to be in order to lose weight there is a lot of data we need to know.

In a world full of wearable technology, this process has never been easier. We take your height, age, sex, current weight and average activity levels to provide you with a calorie goal. This calorie goal alongside an activity goal will ensure you are remaining in a calorie deficit during the programme. This is what results in weight loss or more importantly fat loss.

Our clients weigh in once a week. Over the past 9 months we have managed to consistently stay within our target of 5kg loss average in the first three months of each clients programme. In lbs this is 11lbs.

We are absolutely thrilled with this. Obviously this is an average. Some losses have been greater and some have been less.

What is more impressive is that clients have experienced very low levels of hunger during this period. This is contrary to popular diet belief where hunger is part of the programme.

We are about long term habits. A major part of the process is about setting an end goal with the client and gradually weening them off our programme so that they have the skills and knowledge to go it alone!!

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